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Basic Travel Tips
What to Pack
1. Clothes as per season,
2. sunglasses / spare glasses or contact lenses,
3. sun screen, preparation for relief of sunburn,
4. pair of casual shoes,
5. washing kit,
6. shaving kit,
7. towel,
8. hat,
9. umbrella,
10. camera, film and accessories,
11. books, maps,
12. insect repellent,
13. hand cream,
14. small sewing kit & safety pins,
15. torch or flash light with spare batteries,
16. mirror,
17. nail clippers,
18. scissors,
19. lip salve or soluble aspirin,
20. antiseptic cream,
21. anti-histamine cream,
22. anti diarrhea pills.

Due to wide range of temperature and climatic conditions it is advisable to bring appropriate clothing. For protection against cold-layered clothing is better than a few thick ones, so choose your cloths accordingly. Cloths should preferably be made from natural materials, which allow the body to breathe better. You will be offending people if you walk around in skimpy or tight fitting clothes. Although there are normally opportunities to wear shorts, we would advise women to wear skirts or loose trousers, men should not wear singlet. During visit of monasteries, Dzong and other religious institutions you should not wear shorts & hats.

Bhutan unit of currency is the Ngultrum (Nu.), with 100 Chetrum = 1Ngultrum. The Ngultrum is fixed to the value of Indian rupee. Tourists are advised to carry their money in form of traveler checks (preferably American Express) with a little cash (US Dollars) which might be needed for incidental expenses. A few places accept visa and American express credit cards.

Dzongkha, 'the language of Dzong', is one of the Tibetan family of languages. Originally spoken only in western Bhutan, Dzongkha is now the Bhutanese national language. English is commonly spoken in main towns and also it is the medium of education in schools throughout the Kingdom.

Tour Escorts
All Ancient Bhutan tours are escorted by well trained, knowledgeable guides, Certified by Tourism Authority of Bhutan. Ancient Bhutan has English, German, Japanese and French speaking guides. The services of Italian, Spanish, German, Russian-speaking guides could also be provided with prior information and on additional cost.
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