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BHUTAN-The Fascinating Himalayan Jewel
Bhutan's early history is steeped in Buddhist tradition and mythology. It's said that a saint who had the ability to appear in different forms visited Bhutan and left the imprint of his body and his hats on rocks. The Kingdom's more recent history is no less amazing, with intrigue, treachery, fierce battles and extraordinary pageantry all playing an important part. Developments efforts have now been evolved in different areas. Despite the speed of modernization, Bhutan has maintained a policy of careful, controlled growth in an effort to preserve its national identity.

With an area of 46,500 square kms Bhutan is comparable to Switzerland both in its size and topography. It was the mighty Himalayas which protected Bhutan from the rest of the world and left the Kingdom blissfully untouched. The Drukpa Kagyupa school of Mahayana Buddhism provided the essence of a rich culture and a fascinating history. The Bhutanese people protected this sacred heritage and unique identity for centuries by choosing to remain shrouded in a jealously guarded isolation.

The Kingdom is peopled sparsely by a population of 0.6 million (Not Fixed). Three main ethnic groups constitute Bhutan's population; the Sharchops, who are held to be indigenous inhabitants, the Ngalogps whose descendent is traced to neighboring Tibet and the Lhotshampas, recent immigrants of Nepalese origin. The inhabitants of Bhutan are gracious gentle and very hospitable, they are peace loving and possess lively sense of humor.

Bhutan, after centuries of self-imposed isolation, Bhutan, the hidden "Shangri-La" opened the door to the outside world, unveiling the shroud of mystery and mysticism that had surrounded it for long. Bhutan is a paradise in wilderness with gleaming razor peaks of the mighty Himalayas forming its backbone in the North, a warm climate that emphasizes its affinity with INDIA in the south and CHINA in the north. And lush green valley with rock-cragged hills at the centre. Bhutan's Society still maintains a strong link with the past and continues to deep-rooted in tradition which is protected with great pride by its people. Age-old beliefs and custom play a very important role in the Bhutanese way of life. Bhutan pristine natural environment teeming with undisturbed wildlife make it an enchanting tourist destination with its reach in culture and historic land of the world.
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