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Sustainable Organic Cotton Project
Name of Project: Revival of cotton plantation culture and tradition at Chimung village, Pemagatshel
Vision To revive age-old organic cotton farming in Chimung Village in Pema Gatshel, and to create a model of a sustainable rural community attesting toGNH philosophy
  • 1. Revival of age-old culture and tradition
  • 2. Create employment within the community
  • 3. Maintain and raise the level of self-sufficiency in food, housing and clothing
  • 4. Curb rural urban migration
  • 5. Support other communities by sharing experiences and by giving technical and moral supports
  • 6. Showcase Bhutan’s unique tradition and culture to the outside world

The Sustainable Organic Cotton Project (SOCP) is intended to revive the age-old cotton culture and promote organic farming with appropriate method and technology as a viable economic option for the remote rural community. The project will be a pillar in the sustainable development of the local economy by creating employment, generating cash income, thereby improving villagers’ livelihood. The SOCP will also provide a model for promoting environmental management and sustainable lifestyle in Bhutan.
Since the onset of modern development, young and energetic population from the village has been moving for greener pastures elsewhere. With cheap and readily machine-made clothes available in the nearby towns like Samdrupjongkhar, the tradition of organic cotton growing and weaving is almost lost. The elderly people who are physically weak are the only ones left behind. The youths also think that farming is a drudgery which is not worth the effort in the end. The rampaging wildlife like wild boars which destroy the crops has also added to the problem. Such difficulties have discouraged agriculture including cotton growing.
The SOCP will provide an efficient use of natural resources based on small-scale appropriate technology, and provide an opportunity to achieve environmentally sound economic self-sufficiency. It will also ensure the preservation and promotion of age-old culture and tradition of the farmers in Chimung village. The SOCOP will also be a model of ecological rural development, on the one hand promoting organic farming, soil and water conservation, reduction of greenhouse gas emission, etc., on the other hand improving livelihood of the farmers.
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