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Photography Health Insurance
The photographic opportunities on all trips are immense. You will also wish to record the local people, their houses and shops etc. Always ask by gesture if it is ok to do so. Don't take your destination as living museum. Also while visiting Dzong, monasteries and religious institutions; please follow your guide's instruction carefully. 35mm color print film is readily available. Slide film is more difficult to find. Bring enough batteries if you use lithium batteries.

Health information
No vaccinations are currently required for traveling to Bhutan. However if you are arriving from an area infected with yellow fever, you are required to have a yellow fever vaccination and should be administered at least 10 days before your arrival in Bhutan. Also if arriving from a Cholera infected area, the vaccination is strongly recommended. Anti-malarial medication is also recommended for all travelers who are visiting rural areas in the districts that border India.
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