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Punakha served as the capital of Bhutan until and still it is the winter seat of Je Khnepo (the chief abbot). Blessed with temperate climate and owing to its natural drainage from Pho Chhu (male) and Mo Chhu (female) rivers, the Punakha valley produces abundant crops and fruits. There are splendid views of the distant Himalayas at Dochula pas (alt. 3,050m) on Thimphu – Punakha road.

Drive to Punakha Dzong which can be visited from the month of April to November when the Je Khenpo or Chief Abbot resides for the summer in Thimphu. Walk across the suspension bridge (about 200m long) through absolutely fresh breeze and fascinating view of Dzong. Follow the farm houses gradually climbing towards Dompala hills. The view of Dzong, Pho Chhu, Mo Chhu Rivers and the surrounding village is superb amidst chirpine forests. The climb is another two and half hours to Limbukha. Limbukha farmers grow Bhutan's famous red rice which is supposed to have medicinal values. This particular rice needs clean mountain spring so that the taste is good and nutritional value maintained Limbukha is also known for its love of peace and tranquility. Legends says that during medieval wars the A "Limpus" or the people of Limbukha always volunteered as peace negotiators. This is also depicted during yearly festival called "Serda" when the men are found carrying peace flags instead of swords and fireworks.

The village of Talo (altitude 2,800 m) which is scattered along the hill slopes, known for its cleanliness and hygiene among Punakha villages. Talo Sangnacholing is built on a plateau and has majestic view of surrounding villages. The beautiful farm houses of the village have its own flower gardens and on the hill slope corns and sweet peas are grown in abundance. The people of Talo produce maximum corn, which is harvested in the month of July and August. The women here are particularly known for their beauty and often the matter of village jokes - those women of Talo will go to hell because they always break the celibacy of monks.
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